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Kitetrip in New Caledonia, Spot, Tips and Advices

Kite in New Caledonia : why going there ?


New Caledonia is a small paradise archipelago located off the East Australian coast, in the Pacific Ocean.

While it’s not yet highly developed for kiteboarding, the archipelago boasts numerous spots for all skill levels, from flat lagoons to reef waves, most of which are located on the main island, Grande Terre, or at most a few kilometers from its shores (accessible by boat). Among the most famous are: Ilot Maître, Ilot Goeland, Ouano, and others still to be discovered in the list of spots!

New Caledonia isn’t swept by strong winds, but by trade winds typical of tropical regions, enhanced by thermal winds, especially from November to March, during the wet season.

The journey from Europe is very long (24 hours or more), so plan for at least two good weeks on site, and a substantial budget: living there is expensive, and some spots can only be reached by boat-taxi.

Best season (for kiteboarding): November to March.

LES PLUS : Tropical Paradise – Not too crowded – Beautiful waves
LES MOINS : Very long journey – Very expensive – Wind stats not always reliable.

Kite in New Caledonia : spots list

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Kite in New Caledonia : advices for a better trip

How to get there

Travel time : from 24 hours with Air France. It can take up to 40 hours depending on the airline…
Direct flight : no
Jetlag : UTC+11
Airlines : Etihad Airways – Singapore Airlines – Qantas Airways – Air France – KLM…
Main airports : Aéroport International de Nouméa (NOU)
Flight cost : 1400 / 2000€



Vaccins : No
Visa : No
Power : 220V
Adaptator : No

Travelers advice

For those wanting to escape any trace of civilization, there are also some spots on the neighboring island of Lifou, accessible by ferry or small plane from Nouméa.

The boat-taxis to access the different spots depart from Anse Vata, in the south of Grande Terre.

Make sure to bring mosquito protection; however, there is no risk of malaria in New Caledonia.


Useful data

Currency : Pacific Franc CFP
change rate approximatif : 1€=120 CFP
Language : Français
Cost of life : $ / $$ / $$$